LTS Architecture

Service-oriented Architecture


As a full-service firm, our goal is to accommodate the needs of the client through comprehensive planning, design, and construction management. Our small size and hardworking nature allows us control over all details of the planning process, and our expertise and creativity ensure a successful and positive experience for all. Below you will find an outline of our design and management process.

Planning & Programming

In the earliest stages of design, we work with clients to determine the function and rough size of the building.  For example, when commencing the design of a residential structure our conversations focus on basics such as the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, and specific use of the gathering spaces envisioned by the client. In doing so, we intend to present the client a rough cost estimate for the design and construction of the structure.

Schematic Design

After outlining the client's vision in a "program," we create a series of sketches of floor plans, elevations, and site plans. Through a collaborative process which involves frequent communication and review of the designs we plan a building that suits the client's needs. 

Design Development

The hand-drawn designs are translated into a computer modeling program and finishing touches like electrical diagrams and materials selection are completed. All designs are approved by the client before they are turned into finalized construction documents. In doing so, we complete structural, electrical, and mechanical engineering work and ensure the durability and safety of the client's structure. 

Bid Pack Preparation and Negotiation

Whenever possible, we work with local and trusted construction professionals. In beginning the construction phase we invite services to bid on the work to be completed. When working with an outside general contractor, we facilitate conversations about the designs and requirements and communicate with all involved parties. A cost estimate pertaining to construction is finalized and presented to the client. 

Construction Administration and Management

After construction commences, we work to ensure that all work is completed according to construction documents. We also oversee budgeting and correspond regularly with the client, frequently providing video updates of the site to those living remotely when possible. LTS is also experienced in construction management and offers clients a discounted rate on construction management fees should they elect to use our services in this capacity.